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Aunt Sandy
Mac just walked through the room with his shorts pulled up into a G string, flashing me his butt cheeks. Thanks Code, you taught him that one!  Got a picture of you mooning someone on his laptop as a screen saver.  Anything to make us laugh, that's you, got that from your mom.  Thank God she has the ability to laugh it's helped her to survive the past two years.
Can't believe it's been that long without you, it seems like just weeks ago, the worst day of our lives.  I can't imagine what your mom goes through every day, she is incredibly strong for your sisters.  I think about you every day, many times a day.  You are part of my sister who I love very much.  I see you in her smile, her laugh, her eyes.  We miss you so much.
Love Aunt Sandy 
The one that comes to mind today is that night senior year you saved me and nick from a party cause you were the only person sober to come pick us up lol . And deputy George still tried to give you shit but couldn't catch you for anything wrong. I miss you and that little red car , lol. Love youuu
Zach D.
ok i was thinking of the time when we were all playing halo and  codie keep getting sniped and pissed off so he got up and threw the game so hard into the wall and it stuck stright in lol... i know we have a pic of it somewhere but i dont know where... dude i miss ya man the last time i seen ya it was a hug and a goodbye and love you man from both of us.. all of us were there You Jake chris Julio and me i was leavin for ill. in a way i wish i never did leave cuz i lost alot of good friends and i hate my self for it but..  i know ill always have you in my heart bro:) LOVE YA CODIE
uncle Ronnie
Ronnie JustusFebruary 16, 2011 at 3:33am
Hello, I am Jared's Uncle...I never met codie in person but I spoke to him alot. For about a year we would meet on xbox live and play games and just talk together. It was very heartbreaking when we heard the news, jared was staying at our house when he got the call. I miss my time that i had with him playing xbox and just shooting the *&$# about anything and everything....he use to call me uncle ronnie all the time. He is missed and we here in north carolina are thinking of you guys, I would have contacted you sooner but i knew you needed time to heal but would also like to hear everyones experiences with codie.

I have seen his memorial page and his tatoo he had.... the one you have there the quote was from a actress named Harriet Nelson....just thought you might want to know.

Kindest Regards

 I see your face every morning as soon as I get ready to start my day and again when the day is finished.  Your picture is taped to our cabinet with the letters MGC under it for everyone to read each time they leave the house.  This stands for "Make Good Choices" and it is what I believe you would say to your cousins and all of your family.  You suffered so much in this life, your pain was unbearable and there was nothing those that loved you could do to make it go away.  We'll never know why you were given this burden to carry, but we know you were also given some extraordinary gifts as well.  We never knew what crazy thing you would do next, you made us laugh, you gave your heart to your friends and family.  Even now you've brought your family together in a way that we never were before.  I wish we spent more time together as you grew older but distance kept our families apart and you became a young man.  I still see you as a little boy jumping into the swimming pool with Charlie, Mac & Maddie at the house in North Port.  You guys jumped so far I was afraid you would hit the other side of the pool but that's how you were.  You jumped, you laughed you lived as hard as you could.  I see you in your mom's face, her eyes, her laugh, her zany gags.  You were one and you are still with her, a part of her.  We will miss you always.  Love u...
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