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where do i start from the day you were born you were different. You were CODIE. I miss your smell,your giggle, your laugh. The way you always couild make me not be mad at you.... it pissed me off bye the way.  lol. You codie were the one who knew me best. You knew my pain, my struggle , my fears, my strengths. YOu were me in so many ways. I wish i could have fixed you. You know i would have given my life for you so many times. For whatever reason god so fit for me to be here. I will fufill his wish but part of me is with you now. Every night i go and look at the sky and i was praying really hard the other night and i saw my first shooting star. I know it was you. You are giving my strength thru god to get thru this. I have faith that god is with you and you are impatinetly waiting for us. I can't wait for the reunion. We all miss you so much. Your sisters have been amazing you would be so proud. Hailee has struggled but she still hangs in there and will never quit. Emma is the silent ninja that is just waiting for the pounch. I watch her in soccer and not only does she look like you but she plays just like you . I feel your hand on her every game. PS. she scored again for you. Tom has been amazing. You said it right when you said you always knew  tom would take care of us and he has. He misses you so much. Surprisingly dad and bernice have been wonderful. I know in heaven there is no grudges so i have to believe that the peace we are trying to create amongst our differences here are because of you and your faith in god and ours. Just know there is not a second that i dont think of you and miss you. You were my first born, my only son and my very best friend. I miss you my heart.
  i have never met Codie the child.  I was never there for all the memories as he aged.  I never met Codie the adolescent.  never had the pleasure of seeing him in school.  I never met Codie the man who was so polite and so giving to all that he touched.  Still through all these words, i feel like i know Codie the human.  The flesh and blood he struggled to make sense of.  The Humor he would enduldge in just to get a laugh, laughing himself and loving it.  And the horrors that would come at night keeping him from sleep.  The pain and agony of trying so hard to make it another day.  I know this and i feel he may have been my brother in another life. 
    What makes me happiest is that his memories still inspire.  I know they inspire me, a 32 year old psychiatric nurse who has spent almost as much time in a hospital as a patient as he has as a Nurse.  Well maybe not that far, but ive seen my fair share of the other side of the glass.  i know the demons.  Ive seen the darkness.  And all i can say at this moment is in the words of Mr. Randal pink floyd.  "Wish you were here". 
Jacob Getman
Codie, I could spend all day on here talking about all the fun times you and I had. You always kept me laughing no matter what. You always had my back, especially when it came to girl(s). Words don't express the emptiness inside me that I feel everyday. I love you with all my heart and soul, and please watch over me. Been on a fuck up streak up lately, and I need to bounce back. I'll never forget the old car wash days, best times in my life. We got so lucky to never get caught. You'll never be forgotten, your spirit will always live on. I can't wait till we reunite, we got a wholeeeee lot to talk about. I love you man, miss you with every breath taken. R.I.P Codie.
Shayna Helfenbein
So I have been trying to think of my favorite memory for some time now.. and just can't pick one. Codie had moved away from me at a young age but was very close to me when we were children.  A few of my favorite memories would of been a certain birthday party he had where we had a weird food eatting/smelling contest and I got stuck with the pickle onion to gross me out and I ended up loving it lolz. All the times me jake nick and codie used to wrestle, and of course his famous insult whenever he was angry "YOU DONG" lolz he used to say it as if it was the meanest thing he could of thought of... even though there was distance between us it didn't kill our friendship. We found each other again on facebook and myspace years later and kept in touch. I wish I had actually gone to Florida to visit or him actually come up here as many times as he said he was going to so we could of had that one last chance to catch up and see how the other had changed instead of just talking about our new lives.
Jasmine Guernsey

Oh my dear Codie! So how bout I'll never forget the amazing times I had with you and our friends! Hanging out on the pier at peppertree after Corine and all of us just being there and having eachother to talk to about everything. The night I had like 20 people stay over at my house and you and Julio had some sort of strongman competition and ended up breaking my bed! You had a thing for pizza obviously, and when my mom ordered arizona pizza needless to say you were first in line to grab as many pieces as you could! I remember the countless times at your house hanging out. when you and jake would sit on the computer playing WOW! you were always amazing at guitar hero and no matter how much i begged, i only got to play one song then was stuck listening to you and julio battle it out. the time when lucy and kelsey tried to wash your ferret lol and me and natalie had to rescue it and wash the soap off. he was soooo mad! and the time when we were in my driveway and you were in your 3000gt and we "collided"! you didnt turn on your lights you dummyyy! but i guess it was still my fault for putting it in reverse and not looking back haha. Codie, i always laughed with you and had so much fun with you around. I miss you like crazy and wish that we hadnt drifted apart as much but it doesnt matter now because you're always in my heart <3 You were a trip and always kept a smile on all of our faces. so many amazing memories with you and i cant wait for a million more when we meet again in heaven.

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