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Melia and Erica
"Everytime I think of Codie it makes me laugh because everytime you were around him he would make you smile. The last time I saw Codie was at ericas house and we bet him $20 dollars to eat the dog food that had been sitting out all day and guess what he did it!! Haha Codie is an awesome kid and touched alot if people and now hes with god and watching over all of us! My prayers are with you!"
Grandpa Trask told me this from Mom
I remember always grampa looking down at your muscles as you started to work out who you and he would compare muscles. He would laugh as say gee code your muscle is almost as big as a squirrels knee ( or nute) lol. He always thought you and he were in friendly competition. He loves you so much and misses you. both nana and grampa can't talk about you without crying. IT's hard on everyone.

Once when the whole family was at my grandparents house. Me and codie went for a little joy ride on the golf-cart. codie was driving around 15-20 and he said on the count of 3 lets jump. So codie said 1-2-3, and i jumped out and he was cracking up driving away. But luckily he came back for me 5 minutes later and said wasnt that fun? And we both just cracked up laughing. it was a really fun day to play. Im just going to miss them. Your in Gods loving hands Codie, i hope to see you in the future.Codie i love you and miss you everyday.

Christina LoSauro
I have a couple favorite memories of codie. One being the day that a few of us went to publix and he was riding around on the electric wheelchair acting like he was handicapped. I tried so hard not to laugh and make him stop but eventually I couldn't help it. And everyone he rode past in the store hesitated to laugh because they couldn't tell if he was serious or not! Another of my favorite memories is after my mom got knee surgery codie came over and was playing with her crutches. He tucked one foot back in his shorts and started hobbling around the house.. until he lost his balance and fell on the floor. He continued to make a big scene like it was all part of his act, but when he went to get up, he couldn't because his foot was still stuck in his shorts. Everyone still thought he was joking around when he couldnt get up, but I saw that he was actually stuck and had to help him get his foot out. lol. Codie taught me so much in the time I knew him. And even though I would get mad at him sometimes I could never stay mad because he would say "lighten up, christina" and try to make me laugh. Codie was an amazing person and is even better now.
An experience from Auntie Sandi
Last year on Aug. 1st Rachael (our long time friend & bartender) lost her very first nephew.  Her sister was 9 mos. pregnant w/her first child and the baby strangled on his cord.  Today we sent up balloons for Noah at the exact time of his death/birth. I asked if we could send one for Code.  We put a yellow balloon in the blue/white bunch for Codie.  When we let them go, it just felt like he (codie) was there.  I felt tears running down my cheeks.  We watched as the yellow balloon (codie) got behind all the others and just went back and forth behind them as if it was sheparding them up into the sky.  I got such a strange feeling.  The yellow balloon kept this up all the way until the balloons were out of site. Went to a church today for the service for little 8 mo. old Mekeah Heaton.  She passed away from complications after a liver transplant on the 31st of July. It felt like he was there too.  I think he meets the little ones and brings them through.
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