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Betty Just a Mutt on this Rock February 23, 2015

Never ever know it will go away.  But it gets better.  Don't let anyone tell you how long it takes to grieve.  Been there. 

Never stop reaching out to words of Love to help others or to advise them to slow down in this life and to acknowledge the Truth and the Beauty.

I know what your heart feels. 

Always speak your voice and for those who have no voice.  I'll stand behind you; that's a promise.

Highest Love,

Rev. Betty Jean
Rick Have hope April 11, 2011
I send you my best. Hang in there I know things are very painful at this time. I to lost my daughter her senior year in a crash. It was 2006. Your child will always be in your heart and memories that you have. Take some time to just enjoy them. Your child is watching over you now.
God bless,
Sherene Brown Especially for Codie's mom February 24, 2010

  Even though it has been a while since his passing, I have just mustered the courage to share my thoughts. I have never met this young man in person but knew of him through his mom Joanne.  Losing a child and especially one's first born, is a burden that is unbearable. At times life throws us blows and we often question "why" If only we had all the answers to the "whys." But farther a long we will know all about it and understand why.


Nevertheless, there is one who is willing and able to help us bear our burdens. His name is Jesus. He is waiting to hear your cries. I know you will have a lot of unanswered questions and that is normal. Please know however, that you were a wonderful mom to your adoring Codie.  Undoubtedly, the road ahead will be tedious but please reassure yourself that with Christ's help you will make it. Please continue to be that wonderful mom to girls.


Do have the hope that at the end of this life, Mom and son will once again be reunited. What a celebration that will be!!!



mom never without u in my heart August 1, 2009
What can a mother say that unless you have lost you can feel like i do. I have been blessed with many friends and family members who have offered their love and support. I am thankful. Over the last few months its been the most difficult time without my son by my side. He was my support, my shoulder, my best friend. No two peopld could be any closer then he and I. If i had to do it all over again and in the end still lose him to god i would still want those 18 years god blessed me with. He was my hero. He often said i was his but truly he was mine. Through pain, abuse from his father, depression and addiction brought on by depression he always managed to bring a smile to my face. He always managed to put his feelings aside to help others. He has an amazing group of friends that have shown me through all of this what a wonderful son I had and how special he was to them and how special they are now to me. He is with me everyday in my heart, in my thoughts.... it's not the same as holding him, pinching his cheeks in the kitchen, watching him show me his ass as he laughed and walked out of the kitchen... but he always hung up the phone saying i love you mom... he couldnt' stand when we were arguing and always made sure i was safe. He was my hero. ..My best friend and god made this a better world when he blessed me with my son. He will always be my best friend... always be in my heart... and i will go on to do amazing things in his name with him in my heart.  COdie i know your watching me as i write this.... You are a part of me always. God created you for me.... and i am thankful that i had you for 18 years but wish i had 100 more with you. In heaven we will be reunited and what a day of unbelievable happiness that will be. Emma will turn 13 this sunday without you but dont think for a second that we are thinking you are not around us every second. I know you are. You watch over us every day. Just know we love you and miss you more than you can possible imagine. My worst nightmare happend on the day i lost you and my life will never be the same... but some how i have to continue to live and i know you and god will give me the strength to do it. Because codie you are MY HERO... I love you for ever and to infinite.  We all miss you so much. Tom is getting a tattoo in your honor tomorrow. It had to be perfect he loves you very much. We all do. xoxoxo
mom 2 Waylon Kitchens hugs and prayers August 1, 2009
gloria j. vigil memory of codie June 8, 2009

i may never have met codie, i do know his mother joanne olson. my deepest sympathy for the olson family. i pray for the olson family each and every day. that they will over come the lost of their beloved son codie. GOD wll never give us more then we can carry. this is another test from GOD.


i know with time their hurt will heal. i have been there done that i lost a son as an infant.


different having a son for 18 years, codie will be missed by many people. from the photos i have seen he must have had a wonderful young man. loving, smiling, a blessing to his family and friends.


with love always


gloria j. viigl

Diane Rosolen Friend May 29, 2009

We all knew Codie as the one person that could always make you smile no matter what lengths he had to go through to achieve it.....MY Daughter Caitlin and Codie were very good friends and he always brought laughter to us when he came over.  The one memory that will always stand out in my mind is....Codie being a Red Sox Fan and me being a Yankees Fan always heated up the room, thats if I let him in the house :-)......Codie would come over to hang out with Caitlin and if I answered the door before Caitlin, I would tell Codie....."You can come in if you agree that the Yankees are the BEST"....Codie would look at me with those big brown eyes and stand there and ponder the thought....as I stood in front of the door blockng him from coming in.....I would say "Well, whats your decision....agree or disagree".....Needelss to say, Codie being the strong minded Young man that he was....stood his ground and would rather wait outside than agree....so I would say fine and close the door.....meanwhile we would both be laughing on either side of the door.  I would go back to whatever I was doing and low and behold....Caitlin would open the door....let Codie in when I wasn't looking....and then be standing in the kitchen picking at whatever food was out on the counter....his appetite was ravenous.


Codie...I hope you know how much Caitlin and I cared for you, even though you were a Red Sox Fan....


God Bless and Peace to you Codie~

Diane Rosolen~


I am so sorry for the loss of your precious son Codie. I too am the mom of a son who was depressed. Joshua could not take the pain anymore and decided to end his life. My heart goes out to you as I feel your pain and heartache. The road ahead is a long and painful one but together we can make it through.  You will find alot of compassionate hearts on this site who will try to help you through this time of sorrow. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  God bless you and your family. Hugs to you.

Stacey Bravick Remembering Codie May 28, 2009
Even though I had not seen Codie in a few years he remained part of my life through his mother and our many discussions about depression and what both our children were going through in their teenage years.  We compared notes and medications and court appearances and anger from them about how hurt they felt all the time.  I will always remember the happy Codie, the boy who always had a smile on his face, outside on his bike going to the sandlot on Kirkwood street.  I will remember the true friend he was, the one that never wanted to fight or argue but have fun and laugh.  He will be forever missed and my deepest condolences go out to his family and friends.  Let us be their strength during this devastating time. 
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