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Jessica Libak

I remember being at my locker in high school and everyday I wore a skirt, no matter how far Codie seemed to be away from me I'd get "creditcarded". (He'd come up behind me and run his hand up my skirt.) I also remember him trying to learn how to play lacrosse, we were at Demetri's old house and Codie had the stick, I threw the ball to him and he sung the stick like a bat and hit his car. He was so pissed, but it was so funny. And Last year in Ribertys class Codie would come in and go to sleep everymorning. Riberty called his name one day and woke him up, Codie's response was "What Mom!"

Oh and the picture is from one time when Codie and Demetri had a pizza eating contest at Cici's.


I miss you Codie more then you can imagine.  


Going to the beach to eat at my grandpas place after school almost every day, in his chrysler. How he always picked my ass up in the mornings to bring me to school, and from school. The crazy stuff we used to do with my car. How he lied to me about how he couldn't swim (lol). How we would compete to see who would eat more at cici's (he won). Theres too many memories to comprehend, but we had good times. Miss you bro.
natalie micciulli

i have so many funny memories of codie, he always was making me laugh by either singing things like "yes i will milk you" while playing halo, or when he would sing and dance around to sara bareilles love song. whenever i hear that song i always laugh and think of him bobbing his head back and forth with this huge grin on his face! but the one day i will never forget is when kel and i were sitting in his room and something had really upset me. for about 2 hours he was screaming at me and telling me that i am such a good person and deserve better. he told me how much he loved me and how he loves being my friend. that night he made me feel so amazing. he lifted my spirits and after his speech it made me feel like nothing could bring me down. He truly was an amazing boy. he was one of my best friends, and i willll never ever forget about him. i cannot wait to see him again in heaven, and i know everyday he is looking down upon us.


i love you codie and i miss you every single day.

i still go to french thinking you'll be there to make me laugh, i still think i see you wandering the halls, i still think i hear teachers yelling at you, it's really not real at all. i don't know how many times i came into class crying just to see you and start cracking up. i think about you at least once everyday and this sounds stupid but; whenever you're in my dreams i wake up thinking i just had a whole conversation with you and go to school thinking i can tell you all about it while im cleaning your fingernails and i just cant anymore. when i run to french class in the morning i always think ill see you running to, but it's just me now lol. i never realized how much you impacted my everyday life until you were gone, and i just wish i could've told you all i have to say, but one day i know i will. i freaking miss you codie, <3
Max "the great" Hoffmann

Bro, tylers house. Rob W. Sports passed out drunk, and me running around with my shirt off. "Damnit Max! Put a shirt on! I'm Jealous!" You made my life saying that. Then punching Rob in the face with a boxing glove and him waking up screaming "MOMMA!"

I miss you bro. I just can't wait to come and party with you again. Look up there we can walk around with our shirts off just whistleing at the sexy angels.

Love you bro.


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